Casino Payment Methods

If you want to play for real money at an online casino in Canada, you need a payment method that works. Casino payment methods vary from casino to casino, with some options being widely excepted, and others not as much. There are also payment options that do not work in Canada but work in other countries.

We’ll go over how fast each payment method takes to process your money when you withdraw your winnings, or if it is even acceptable to withdraw money with. There are some methods that will work for depositing money into an online casino account, but you can’t withdraw money.

We’ll cover all that, as well as what we think are the best payment options for you to use the next time you play at an online Canadian casino.

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Top Payment Methods for Online Casinos in Canada

When you’re playing all your favourite slots and casino games, the last thing you want to be worrying about is how you are going to get your money. When you win, you want to know it’s there, safe and secure, yours for when you are ready for it. The top payment options our experts picked are all:

Widely Available

The top of our list only has payment methods that work at most online Canadian casinos. The more widely available the payment method, the more useful it is to shop around and check out other casinos.

Fast Withdrawal Times

It’s no shock that a casino is much faster at processing and accepting money than withdrawing your winning, which can be a pain at times. We only included the payment methods that deliver you your money the fastest on our list.

Safe And Secure

This is by far the most important factor of all when picking a payment method to buy anything online. You want to know that not only will your money be safe, but you want your personal information protected with SSL encryption as well.

Payment MethodDepositWithdrawalDeposit MinimumWithdrawal Time
Visa✔️✔️$25Up to 3 days
Mastercard ✔️✔️$25Up to 3 days
American Express✔️✔️$25Up to 3 days
ecoPayz✔️✔️$25Up to 1 day
Apple Pay✔️✔️$10Varies according to method
Google Pay✔️✔️$10Varies according to method
Muchbetter✔️✔️$15Varies according to method
Interac Online✔️$10N/a
Interac eTransfer✔️✔️$25Up to 3 days
Instadebit✔️✔️$25Up to 7 days
iDebit✔️✔️$20Up to 24 hours
Vanilla Prepaid Card✔️$25N/a

Payment Options of Online Casinos in Canada

We’ll briefly go through all the payment options available to you the next time you want to do some online gambling at a Canadian casino and touch on the Advantages and Disadvantages of each one.

Debit/Credit Cards

Without a doubt, the most popular payment method for any online casino in Canada. You will find all four of these options widely available. In fact, you would have more difficulty finding a casino that doesn’t accept these as a form of payment. Here’s the rundown:

Debit Card

You use it every day; the most common tool for purchasing anything among Canadians is their debit card. For the longest time, you couldn’t make purchases with your debit card directly online. But that all changed with Visa Debit and Mastercard Debit cards. You can use these to transfer money into your online casino account. This requires you to type in your 12-digit debit card number, along with the date of expiry and the CVV number.

The downside to using a Debit card is there is a direct link from your bank account to an online merchant, which makes some people uneasy. Purchasing things online is safe 99.99% of the time, but if your information is exposed to a hacker, they can gain access to your bank account. This is why many people opt for a different payment method when making online purchases.


The most popular credit card among Canadians; you would be hard-pressed to find an online casino that doesn’t accept Visa, and usually without a transaction fee. The only downside is the very slight chance that your information could be compromised, and if you get behind on your credit card payments, you would incur fees. In other words: don’t spend too much at the casino with your credit card.


Right up there with Visa as the second most used credit card used by Canadians; Mastercard is accepted at almost every online casino out there. The same positives and negatives that apply to Visa also apply to Mastercard.

American Express

Although it has American in its name, this credit card is highly popular amongst Canadians. It can be used to redeem perks and rewards, so you’ll want to use it at any opportunity you can. Almost all online casinos will accept American Express, so if this is your preferred way of transferring money, use it.


E-wallets have become increasingly popular over the last decade. They are a great way to buy and sell stuff online, without putting any of your personal information on the web. Here are some options that are available at online casinos (and some that aren’t):


Unfortunately, Paypal is not accepted at online casinos in Canada. This has to do with online casinos operating from offshore accounts, which clashes with PayPal’s policy.


Growing in popularity, ecoPayz is a great way to deposit and withdraw your money at an online casino. This payment option isn’t offered at all casinos but is offered at more casinos in Canada than any other e-wallet on this list.


Another payment method that doesn’t work in Canada, despite casinos accepting it. If you are a traveller and find yourself overseas, this payment option will work in most European countries.

Apple Pay

Not a popular payment option for Canadians looking for online gambling. Apple Pay is a mobile eWallet, so technically it can be seen as a pay-by-phone method. With it, you can deposit and withdraw from online Canadian casinos; the only thing is it’s not accepted at a lot of online casinos. If this is how you choose to pay, be sure to check that the casino accepts it before signing up.


Another payment option not available to Canadians. Canadians can use Skrill to move around money, but they can’t directly deposit or withdraw money from an online casino in Canada due to Skrill being owned by the Paysafe Group.

Google Pay

Similar to Apple Pay, Google Pay is not available at many online Canadian casinos. There are some out there that accept it, and as it grows in popularity, there are bound to be more willing to take it.


The much better choice for Canadians to choose when they are looking to transfer money with their mobile phones. The downside is that it’s not widely accepted at most casinos. You can fund your Muchbetter account with Credit Cards, Debit, or Cryptocurrency.

Bank Transfers

Another way to load up your online casino account is with instant banking. These methods may have a waiting period that’s a bit longer than using an eWallet, but they are still a solid choice, and available at a fair amount of online casinos in Canada.

Interac Online

With this method, the money is sent directly from your account. The downside is it’s not available at every casino, and you can’t withdraw money this way.

Interac e-Transfer

This method is a bit more complicated than using Interac Online because you will need an email, and when dealing with online casinos in Canada the money will have to be processed through a third party: Gigadat. On the plus side, it is accepted at a lot of casinos, and you can withdraw money with this method as well, although it will take a few days since the money has to be processed.


An eCheck is simple enough to understand: it’s basically an electronic check. The downside of this method is that not all banks offer them. Also, not all casinos accept them. Since it’s like an electronic check, you can only use it to deposit money into your account, not for withdrawals.


Instadebit is available exclusively in Canada and is a fast and secure way to link your bank account directly to an online casino. Because there is no intermediary, it is fast, and it is widely accepted at most online Canadian casinos. There are some fees involved though, and since it is a direct link to your bank account, it’s not as safe as using an intermediary.


iDebit differs from the other options on this list because it can function both as an eWallet and as an intermediary between you and your bank. The upside to this is since it is an intermediary it will not save your banking information, which will give you peace of mind that your information is 100% safe. The downside is it’s not available at that many online casinos in Canada.

Prepaid Cards

Prepaid cards are a great way to ensure that absolutely none of your personal information is put out on the world wide web. They are the safest way to transfer money online, with the major downside being you can’t withdraw your winnings from a casino in Canada onto a prepaid card


Paysafecard used to be a card but is now simply a 16-digit PIN. You can purchase between 10 to 100 Canadian dollars worth of credit and then deposit it into your casino account. Paysafecard is widely accepted at most casinos and is the most popular prepaid card on this list in Canada.


Having only been around since 2015, Flexepin is not a widely used payment method. It is like Paysafecard because you get a 16-19 digit PIN which you can use to buy things online or top up your online casino account. You can purchase multiple denominations of money for online spending ranging from 20 to 500 Canadian dollars. You may have to show your ID when purchasing a Flexepin voucher.


Another voucher with a PIN, this one is a 10-digit pin. Neosurf has been around since 2004, so they are a more well-established brand and you can find more casinos that accept this form of payment. You have to buy Neosurf at a store, so if you don’t live near one that sells it, you might be out of luck.


Astropay is convenient because you can purchase it online; on your PC, or your iOS or Android mobile device. It is available in countries all around the world and allows operators to accept money from unbanked customers. A great feature about Astropay is that if you have money left over, you can combine it with other Astropay cards. Often the little amounts of money left over go to waste, so this is a cool feature. Alongside Neosurf, this form of payment is accepted at about half the online casinos we investigated.

Vanilla Prepaid Visa

Prepaid Visa cards were one of the first prepaid cards on the market, and they’re still kicking around to this day. The way to use a Prepaid Visa is to enter in the number like you are using a real visa card. This method is accepted at almost all casinos because virtually all casinos accept Visa. The only downside is you won’t be able to withdraw money back onto the card.

Pay by Phone

Not a common way to deposit money online, but with the fast-paced world becoming more and more reliant on technology, pay-by-phone services are increasing in popularity (especially after the pandemic). And luckily for Canadians, some online casinos in Canada accept pay-by-phone as a way of depositing money.


Boku is the leading pay-by-phone service in Canada, having been established in 2009. It is safe and reliable, with the downside being you can only deposit money into your online casino account with Boku; you can’t withdraw any of your winnings. When using Boku, all your transactions are added to your phone bill, giving you an extra layer of protection.


Established in 2012, Zimpler is a great way to make payments into your online casino account in Canada; the only problem is it’s not available at a lot of casinos. On the plus side, you can withdraw money with this method, and it’s also a very safe and secure way of transferring money, as they are overseen by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority.


Payforit is another mobile option, but unfortunately, it’s unavailable at online casinos in Canada. If you are overseas and want to use this method, it’s 100% safe and there are no fees. Another drawback is that not a lot of online casinos accept this payment method and you can only deposit money, not withdraw any.


With the rise of Cryptocurrency over the past few years, some online casinos accept it as a form of payment. There are many forms of Cryptocurrency, with the main ones being Bitcoin and Ethereum.

The downside to using Cryptocurrency is it is a relatively new form of currency; many people talk about it, but few understand how it really works. For those that own Cryptocurrency, you can use it at some casinos, but not nearly as many as traditional forms of payment.

Safety and Security

When gambling on any online casino in Canada, the main thing you are going to want to look for is that the site is licensed by a proper gambling authority. Most online casinos are licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority or the Kahnawake Gaming Commission. In Canada, iGaming Ontario is responsible for regulating the online casino market. No matter what form of payment you are using, be sure the casino you choose is 100% legit. That doesn’t just apply to online casinos; anytime you make any purchase online beware of who you give your information.

Most online casinos also have 24/7 customer service, so if you have any concerns, feel free to voice them at the online casino of your choosing.


No matter what form of payment you use when gambling online, the number 1 thing we want for you is to be safe: Not only from fraudulent online activities but from your own gambling habits. Gambling is supposed to be fun; if you are finding it’s not fun anymore, and it’s starting to control your life, reach out for help to the good people of Gamblers Anonymous. Have fun, and always play within your limit.

Casino Payment Method FAQs

What Is The Best Payment Method To Use At An Online Casino In Canada?

There is no right or wrong answer, but Debit and Credit Cards are the most widely accepted.

What Payment Methods Are Not Available In Canada?

The three most popular payment methods that online casinos offer, but aren’t available in Canada are Paypal, Neteller, and Skrill.

What Is The Safest Way To Deposit And Withdraw Money At An Online Casino?

All online casinos in Canada go above and beyond to protect their customers’ personal information. If you want to take an extra step, choose a payment method that uses an intermediary to get that extra blanket of security.

What’s The Best Online Casino In Canada?

Refer to our review pages to see which casino is right for you.

Can I Get A Welcome Bonus Every Time I Use A New Payment Method?

If only this were true, but unfortunately, no. You can only get one welcome bonus.

What Is The Fastest Withdrawal Method?

While most payment methods advertise a withdrawal speed up to a certain amount of days, most are much faster than advertised. Cryptocurrency, Zimpler, and Debit all have instant withdrawal time. Refer to the table above for more information.